Pasjel Baby Blink Whitening Soap

Pasjel Baby Blink Whitening Soap

I hate to admit it but society does have this thing wherein it forces everyone to believe in the same definition of beauty. Yes, we're more open-minded now but few years ago, if you ask majority of the people to describe their version of a pretty girl, you'll probably get answers among this lines: petite, fair complexion, flawless, and/or long black hair. I somehow find it offending - given my brownish skin and a bit bigger hip and body built. During those times, I got obsessed with making my skin whiter. 

I tried whitening soap, bleaches, oral whitening pills and almost got the injectable Saluta whitening thing. I wanted to conform to what it beautiful to majority. I know I'm not the only one. It honestly took me years to really appreciate everything about me and I'm proud to say that makeup played a big role in it.

Where am I really going with this? Well, nothing much really. I would just want to share my sentiments on beauty and of course share my experiences on some of the things I tried so far.

One of the most popular and effective whitening products that is available today is PasJel. Especially PasJel Baby Blink Whitening Soap.

 It's really effective in lightening scars that aren't deep. Though I can't say much for the entire skin color as I was only able to try one bar. But based on its performance so far, I think it's safe to say that it as effective as other whitening soaps I tried before.

This soap doesn't melt as easily like other whitening soaps. Cutting it to little parts proves to be useful, still. More importantly, it doesn't dry up my hair nor my skin! I can let it sit on my entire body for several minutes to soak in the organic goodness and not worry about drying my skin like a chalkboard after.

Overall, I would recommend this to those who yearns to be few shades lighter or those with light marks from previous injuries that are on the surface of the skin as it proves to be helpful in lightening those kind of scars. It's a great buy actually. 

I'm even planning to buy the PasJel Baby Blink Whitening Soap and the PasJel Everbright Blue Body Cream. I heard it's the bomb! 

Buy at because they have the best service ever.

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October, already . . .
It’s generally about this time of the year when I become diligent in my skincare routine, with Summer on the horizon.
When I was in NYC I hauled back a mother-load of Clarins products. Sadly my supply of full sized products and samples are now running low.
On the weekend I restocked on the Total Eye Concentrate and also the Super Restorative Serum.
It’s time to hydrate!
Cleanse and Tone! I love this Toning Lotion, it’s so refreshing.
Sarah London
Must not neglect the delicate décolleté area! I’ve been applying the concentrate as soon as I step out of the shower.
Sarah London
The Total Eye Concentrate and the Super Restorative Serum I apply next.
Sarah London
Following with an application of Day Cream in the morning and I’m good to go, with skin that is feeling fresh and nourished!
Sarah London
To keep my lips soft and supple I’ve been applying the fabulous Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1.
Sarah London
My skin has also been soaking up the lovely hydrating Body Lotion from the Sukin range of skincare.
I can see myself purchasing more of their products in the future, love, love!
Sarah London
I also splashed out on two Essie polishes on the weekend. Fifth Avenue and Blanc!
I hesitated briefly on the Blanc, would I actually like bright white nails. I’m happy to say that I’ve lacquered my nails in Blanc and I love the crisp white – beautiful!
Sarah London
Do you have a skincare routine that you follow diligently? Do you have a favourite skincare product that you absolutely love?

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My beautiful daughter is engaged!
He, proposed in Sydney, just before dinner at Aria.
I’m soooo very happy for them!
Time to indulge and share a few pictures!
My daughter!
The ring!
The first date!
Uni, grad day!
If he is willing to carry the Louis . . . then he is a keeper! He is also a Sous Chef . . . tick, tick!
So they became engaged a month ago and then last week they decided that they would like an apartment of their own.
A lovely apartment was found, boxes were packed with belongings, a removalist truck arrived and delivered all the boxes to their new apartment.
A day was spent shopping for household essentials.
And also a few accessories!
And so, the next chapter of all our lives begins . . . thankfully their new apartment is only ten minutes away.

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